Press Release by Leavers’ Link East Anglia – A busy night’s networking…

MP for Colchester, Sir Bob Russell MP has shown his enduring support for Armed Forces Veterans and Service Leavers, by visiting Colchester based Networking event, “Leavers’ Link”. This voluntarily run monthly event took place at the Colchester Officers’ Club Thursday February 19th; among the networkers attending this evening event were members of the Armed Forces Community in Transition, Veterans, members of the business community, training organisations and Service Charities.

Sir Bob mingled among the networkers and spoke with all comers to provide words of advice and encouragement to Service Leavers, and to thank members of the business community for giving up their time to provide genuine help and advice at what is a time of great uncertainty for many members of the Colchester Military Community and their families. In East Anglia there are approximately 1000 Service Leavers per year from all 3 Services; many find work within 3 months of leaving, their transferable skills attractive to many sector specialist employers where there is a well matched skill set; for some it is recognised that that their journey will be much tougher and networking, well entrenched within the business community as a part of daily life is a recognised but currently not formally MOD supported route of getting in touch with employers and decision makers in the business community.

In a short address Sir Bob applauded Leavers’ Link and their supporters for their considerable voluntary and unfunded efforts and was keen to recognise that though networking with Leavers’ Link and other networking events may not be a direct route into work, 65-85% of all jobs are found through someone you know. He also actively encouraged Service Leavers to engage early with their local communities and businesses through simple and effective networking, no matter what area of the country they intended resettling to. He also commented that he was delighted to hear that Leavers’ Link had expanded it’s monthly regional networking format to include Peterborough and Norwich and that it was his firm belief across East Anglia and nationwide that employers were only too keen to take on talented, well trained well disciplined young men and women with a good service background, who were not afraid of embracing personal change and a hard days work.

Mr John Vickers Chairman of the Leavers’ Link, an Armed Forces Corporate Covenant Signatory said he was delighted that Sir Bob, a member of the influential Defence Select Committee had come back to see the progress Leavers’ Link had made in the 3 years since his previous visit in 2012.


Leavers Link 19 Feb 14

The secrets of networking to success in business explained expertly by Leavers’ Link Chairman John Vickers; as Sir Bob Russell MP and assembled networkers from the Service and business communities listen and enjoy the relaxed setting of the Colchester Officers’ Club.

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